Sound familiar?

  • Are you a busy small business owner looking to employ staff but struggling to find the time needed to recruit someone?

  • Have you used a recruitment agency before but found it too expensive?

  • Are you recruiting now but you're not getting the right applicants?

  • Are you struggling keeping up with payroll each week, getting in just in the nick of time or unsure if you are processing it correctly?

  • Do you dislike people management, especially the tough stuff like when someone isn't doing a good job or their is conflict in your team?

  • Does the thought of having to XXX make you feel overwhelmed & stressed?

  • Are you looking for someone you can call to check you are doing things right?

  • Does "HR" always fall to you but it's not really what your job's all about?

Looking after your people, will look after your business.

the people in your business are your greatest resource and looking after them will look after your business.  

Good people management will benefit your business no matter the size. 

good HR Management can benefit any business, no matter how small.

How big is your workplace?

I'm hiring my first employee

I'm still growing but have less than 15 in my team

Small Business


We have more than 15 employees in our business


Outsourced recruitment support for everything from advertisement to offer. Fixed rate packages to suit your needs and budget

Payroll Outsourcing

Leave the calculations to us, we can record your payruns so all you need to do is transfer the money to your employees

HR Consulting

Advice, support and coaching with any HR question, concern or situation in your workplace


Online webinars sharing our expertise in recruitment and other employee matters so you feel more confident managing your staff


Downloadable forms, templates, checklists and factsheets on everything from recruitment to termination

DIY Packages

Looking for the resources to do-it-yourself? Our packages on recruitment, payroll and policies include the tools we use ourselves

What Our Clients Say

“We are repeat customers! The services are flexible and customizable which means great service. Very cost effective and great value for money. TWS is our go to for all recruitment. Angela is very professional, highly skilled and very customer focused. TWS has always delivered great service and great outcomes for us. Angela goes above and beyond to meet our needs in a timely and responsive manner. We see her as a real asset to our organisation and highly value the relationship we have developed.”


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