Free Resources & Templates

Note: These are generic in nature, please ensure it is appropriate for your business   

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Wage Subsidy Information

This document explains all the current Wage Subsidies available in Australia that may be useful if you would benefit from financial assistance to employ a new staff member. 


When to hire your first employee

This 15 minute video will give you 3 steps to follow to help you in deciding when is the right time to hire your first employee for your small business. 

Image by Domenico Loia

Home Workstation Checklist

Use this checklist when setting up a workstation when working from home to ensure your safety. 

Image by Tim Gouw

Recruitment Checklist

Use this checklist when recruiting to help as you go through the process. 


New Employee Form

Use this form when gathering information you need from a new employee to enter them into your Payroll system.