What's HR all about?

What is HR.png

Human Resources or "HR" includes anything to do with employing staff in your business. 

If you think about the life cycle of employing someone, this means everything from recruitment to retirement:

  • When an employee starts 

  • Paying your employee

  • Ensuring a healthy workplace

  • Engaging with and developing your employee

  • When an employee leaves

Whether you employ 1 staff member or 500, the principles of HR are the same. Small business are likely not to experience things on this list the same as larger businesses, or at all. But the same tools and strategies can be used as a framework for these areas.

What is outsourced HR Management?

Some businesses are large enough they make the decision to employ someone in the role of HR Manager and have that person manage these things in house. 

But for most small and medium businesses they won't have the budget or need to employ someone in this role and so outsourcing this work is a great option. 

HR Outsourcing is the process of allowing one or more of these HR functions to be conducted by a consultant external to their business either on a one-off or ongoing basis.